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YOUTH ENGLISH SUMMER CAMP INLINE (=  “intercultural line”)

3 English-speaking leaders needed!


Participants: 20 Czech young people (15-18 years)

Aim of the camp: practise English in an informal way

Place: small village in the Czech Republic

Date: 17th August - 26th August 2012

Team: 2 Czech + 4 foreign leaders

Language of the camp: 20% Czech language, 80% English language.

INLINE will bring together 20 Czech young Christians between 15 and 18 years who wish to improve English language. They will participate in the various activities: games, discussions, songs, cultural evenings, spiritual programs etc. It is NO language school, it is based on “learning by doing”.


Main task of the foreign leaders

  • To organize and to prepare various activities such as games, discussions, songs, cultural evenings, prayers and spiritual programs.
  • To cook his/her national food + prepare program about the home country.
  • Assistance - to be with the young people in an informal way of talking with them in their leisure time, and playing games.


  • The leaders should be able to communicate in English.
  • The leaders should be acquainted leadership quality and to have experience in organising various programs and activities with youth groups, most likely also Christian programs.


Finances: The foreign leaders cover the travel costs and insurance by themselves. All the other costs (food, accomodation,...) are paid by SADBA.

Coordinators of the camp: Marie Safarikova (Czech Republic), Anna Dejmková (Czech Republic) and Daniel Kraiczy (German volunteer in the Czech Republic)


Contact:  Marie Safarikova or Daniel Kraiczy inline@sadba.org, skype: sadbacr